Mono J stent

MEDpro Mono_J_Stent


The MEDpro Mono J Stent is a specially designed product with several unique features. It contains drainage openings in the shaft over a length of 30 cm from the pigtail of the catheter. The extended curl of the Mono J’s pigtail vastly improves positional stability and traumatic characteristics in the renal pelvis.
The Mono J Stent has excellent drainage along the entire catheter, even with strictures and when there is insufficient peristalsis of the ureter caused by perforation.

Intended purpose: The Mono J Stent is intended to facilitate temporary urinary drainage from kidney in urology procedures through body orifices.
The MEDpro Mono J Stent is made of a radiopaque polyurethane material. It is available in several colours: blue and white. The MEDpro Mono J Stent comes in a sterile peel-open packaging and is intended for one-time use only.


Mono J Stent

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