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Ureteral stents are used to ensure the patency of a ureter, which may be compromised, for example, by a kidney stone. This method is sometimes used as a temporary measure, to prevent damage to a blocked kidney, until a procedure to remove the stone can be performed.

Indwelling times of 30 days for an ordinary MEDpro STENT (WHITE and BLUE) or for longer period MEDpro LONG DURO STENT (YELLOW) are indicated to hold ureters open, which are compressed by tumors in the neighbourhood of the ureter or by tumors of the ureter itself.

In many cases these tumors are inoperable and the stents are used to ensure drainage of urine through the ureter. Stents may also be placed, sometimes referred to as a ‘basket grab procedure’. Stents placed for this reason are normally left in place for about a week. These stents ensure that the ureter does not spasm and collapse after the trauma of the procedure. Normal Stent material is Radiopaque Tecoflex® engineered for ease of placement and patients compliance. Long Duro Stent is made of Carbothane®.

Intended Purpose: Both the Double J Stent and the Double J Stent Long Duro are intended to facilitate temporary urinary drainage from kidney to urinary bladder in urology procedures through body orifices.

MEDpro’s Ureteral Stents are supplied in sterile peel-open package. They are intended for one-time use only. Periodic evaluation is suggested.


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