About us

Our company

MEDpro Medical has manufactured high quality urology products since 2010. Our facilities in Veenendaal, The Netherlands, are located near to Holland's leading academic hospitals. AMC Amsterdam, AMC Utrecht and the Radboud University hospital in Nijmegen just to name some of them. MEDpro's founding team has more than 40 years of experience in the medical industry, especially in urology. They are renowned for their innovative new concepts and manufacturing techniques for urological disposables.

MEDpro's product development and manufacturing are overseen by a medical advisory board. This independent board is lead by Dr. Tim Overtoom, a renowned Dutch interventional radiologist. He is also a highly regarded, international keynote speaker. Besides this, Dr. Overtoom is the inventor of the Overtoom Balloon Catheter. This is a unique urology pyelum catheter for treating ureter strictures. A minimal invasive product that eliminates the need for surgery. More about the Overtoom Balloon Catheter can be found at www.overtoommedical.com.

Years of experience and dedication to urology products have culminated in our ability to dedicatedly serve customers world-wide. We offer both the high quality and extremely competitive pricing. Please do not hesitate to contact our team if you are interested in our urology products or if you are interested in learning more about our innovation program.

Our quality

We manufacture all of our urology products to the highest international safety and quality standards such as ISO 13485. Furthermore, all of our products have the mandatory European CE marking and all comply with the EU Directive 93/42/EEC regarding medical devices.

Each stage of manufacturing is meticulously monitored by our own quality management team. We have MEDpro quality management personnel working permanently on location with our suppliers, to ensure that our quality standard is always maintained.

With such a dedication to quality, we can still afford to offer our products at very competitive prices. We operate extremely effectively thanks to our enthusiastic MEDpro team and our highly automated processes.

Our urology innovations

The products that we offer today are a direct result of our ability to develop and deliver innovative products with a very short time to market. We work in close conjunction with suppliers and medical specialists around the world. This enables us to incorporate new ideas into our product designs and our production methods.

Combined with dedicated research and development we can quickly turn ideas and concepts into quality products that fulfill your demands and those of others.

If you are interested in our innovation program or if you have an interesting idea you confidentially wish to discuss? Please do not hesitate to call us or use our contact form.